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Agile Urgent Care offers a long overdue and different approach to addressing the personal and professional health care needs of people and businesses in Secaucus.


We are not the biggest health care facility, nor do we want to be. We are not a traditional hospital or emergency room. We want to be known as a unique and surprising alternative to old school healthcare facilities in Secaucus      /northeastern NJ—easy, personal, high quality and high value health care for “all of us.” Our primary objective is to offer a fresh, new alternative to time-wasting, restrictive, impersonal, confusing and/or expensive healthcare services, based upon our patients’ unique needs and ideal health goals.


We want our patients to think of us as a perfect fit or alternative, when it comes to addressing their immediate and long-term health care challenges. We pledge to treat our patients as life-long members of the Agile Urgent Care family!



We offer non-emergency, urgent care diagnosis and treatment for illnesses, aches, pains, sprains, cuts, fevers, allergies, and one of the most popular categories—“I know something’s wrong but I don’t know what it is.”


We have an onsite x-ray machine, EKG, a lab for many different types of patient and employee testing, an online check-in system, and a patient-friendly smartphone or desktop computer app, with your digital medical records at your fingertips. The result? Fewer second or third appointments for separate follow-up lab work or examinations, and quicker, more affordable health care solutions. Sound good? We thought so.


Ask any parent. The worst thing ever is when your child doesn’t feel well, is really sick, or has an accident and is injured. Even worse is that you never know when the next “We need to see a doctor” moment is going to happen. Kids under 6 are a major portion of emergency room patients.  Unfortunately, up to 71% of ER visits are of a non-emergency nature. Making things worse, the cost of going to an ER to have your child (or children) seen can easily take months or years to pay off, even with insurance coverage.


The American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) defines occupational therapy as “The only profession that helps people across the(ir) lifespan to do the things they want and need to do through the therapeutic use of daily activities (occupations).” In other words, a qualified occupational therapist asks “What matters to you?” not “What is the matter with you?”


It’s amazing how a misstep in life can derail your activities, and make even the simplest of tasks a challenge. We know that accidents, surgeries, and other issues can set you back, whether you are young or just young at heart, and make you realize that all you want is to get back to your old routine, your old workout schedule, and/or your regular job activities and work hours.


Agile’s physical therapy practice offers affordable, manageable rehabilitation action plans and therapy sessions with qualified physical therapists who are there to bring you back up to speed, at your speed. We work with your physician(s) to make sure that we help you get back to being you, on a timetable that your mind and body can handle, with “meaningful but tightly managed” goals and expectations.


We think that you will appreciate how we run Agile Urgent Care, and the guidelines that we follow:

o A “Patients First” Approach—we are working to make your entire “health journey” to and from our offices, and the time spent with us, as stress free, uncomplicated, valuable and helpful as possible. We’re centrally located in Secaucus, have clean, modern offices, care about you and your family’s health and key needs, and will bring you on board and treat you as efficiently and effectively as possible. Additionally, if you have billing issues with an insurance company, we won’t put you in the middle, and make you the one that has to sort things out. Our smart, dedicated staff is here to make your experience with us, from booking an appointment to solving your health issues, as easy and reassuring as humanly possible

o Flexible hours—unlike other local urgent care facilities, we are open late on weekday evenings, and on both weekend days as well. Come see us when you get home from work, when your kids have an issue in the evening after dinner or on the weekend, or when it fits into your busy schedule, even if it’s just for a routine checkup or physical. We are here for you!

o Affordable, “high value” Healthcare—how many times do you look at a claim form for a health care provider, or a bill, and say “Wow that was worth it?” We’re not saying that we are necessarily the lowest cost health provider in the world. But, we are committed to you receiving care, advice and a plan of action that are all “worth it.”

o Personalized Solutions—we are not a big hospital or emergency room. We treat every patient in a highly personalized way. We will see you when it’s convenient for you, and if you choose to use us more than once, or as a “main” health care provider, we will know you, your medical history, and your needs, both short-term and long-term

o Tech Savvy—we have made significant investments in medical equipment and technology solutions to make health care diagnosis and management easier for you. We have an X-ray machine and a lab on-site. We also have innovative software solutions and apps, such as an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) solution that allows you (or your doctor’s office) to add info to your profile and update us about your health status on any internet-connected device.


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