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Ask any parent about pediatric care. The worst thing ever is when your child doesn’t feel well, is really sick, or has an accident and is injured. Even worse is that you never know when the next “We need to see a doctor” moment is going to happen. Kids under 6 are a major portion of emergency room patients.  Unfortunately, up to 71% of ER visits are of a non-emergency nature. Making things worse, the cost of going to an ER to have your child (or children) seen can easily take months or years to pay off, even with insurance coverage.

But, when your child is sick or injured, and your pediatrician or family care physician’s office is closed, what choice do you have? Now, you have Agile Urgent Care for your pediatric care needs

  • Our physicians are family care physicians with training in pediatric medicine
  • We have a special waiting room for kids with urgent care issues, designed to make them as comfortable as possible, and get them in for treatment, and then out and back to their home or bed, as quickly as possible
  • We have a special pediatric-equipped examination room, with the knowledge, tech and tools necessary for quick and thorough diagnosis and treatment of urgent pediatric medical issues
  • We have kids too, and we know that you need to know what the problem is, and what the treatment options are, as quickly as possible.

We are the perfect fit for your kids’ urgent care issues, no matter when they occur, or how often. Come see us before you run to the ER.

Click here to see how fast we can see you/your child, and figure out what is going on.